How to become a member

Our Lord tells us, "Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven" (Matthew 10:32). What better way to confess our Lord than by becoming a member of a Christian congregation?

There are many questions to ask ourselves when the time comes to choose a church. The more common questions, such as,

  • “Which church should I join?”
  • “Which church really teaches God's Word in its purity?”, and, 
  • “Is it worth the trouble to change churches?”
are questions not too difficult to answer.

When Christians choose a church, they only need to remember to choose one that teaches as well as practices God's Word in its truth. At Faith Lutheran, by the grace of God, his true Word is taught and practiced. The individual, who wants to be sure that a church does teach the truth, will compare the teaching of the church with the teaching of Christ.

If you are a member of one of our sister congregations (members of the WELS or of the ELS) and wish to join this congregation, you will need to secure a written Transfer of Membership from your former congregation. This transfer is then acted on by the Church Council of Faith Lutheran, and you will be received into membership.

If you are a member of a Lutheran church not in fellowship with us and have been instructed and confirmed in that church, the pastor of Faith will be happy to discuss differences in doctrine and practice with you. If you are then convinced that what our church teaches is the Word of God and what it practices is in agreement with that Word, you will be accepted by a Profession of Faith.

If you are a member of a congregation of any other denomination or have never been instructed in God's Word, you will be asked to attend a Bible Information Class (BIC). Its purpose is not to be secretive but to be open as to what we believe and teach. You are under no obligation when taking this course of instruction to become members of our congregation. However if, at the completion of the course, you are convinced that our church teaches and practices God's Word, you will be confirmed and received into communicant membership.

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