While all members can serve one another with their prayers, their personal time, special abilities, and with loving Christian advice, men have the added privilege and obligation of governing the church. Therefore, they are encouraged to attend the quarterly Voter's Meetings on the third Sunday after the end of the quarter. As Christian leaders they are to further the saving gospel, here and abroad. All members are encouraged to attend and offer input.

The Church Council is charged with reporting to, and carrying out, the directives of the Voters. The Council consists of the Church President, Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, and the chairmen of the respective Boards. It meets monthly.

Providing input and service to the Council and therefore to the congregation and to our Lord, are the following standing Boards. These offices are filled at the October Quarterly Voter's Meeting with the terms beginning at the January Annual Voter’s meeting. Full terms are for three years, expiration of term is indicated behind each leaders's name in ( ) brackets.  The * indicates the chairman of that board.

    Church Council
  • Lee Sarnstrom President (2018)
    Matthew Rust Secretary (2019)
    Paul Mandel Treasurer (2020)
    David Sternisha Financial (2019)
    * Plus All Board Chairmen    



    Board of Education - Feeding the Lambs, and Feeding the Sheep
  • Jon Creen (2018)
    Peter Stern* (2019)
    Clark Thaldorf (2020)
    Board of Elders - Worship and spiritual health
  • Kane Krueger* (2018)
    Ross Collins (2019)
    Jim Sternisha (2020)
    Board of Evangelism - Outreach and new members
  • Rev. K. Mann* (2018)
    Jon Shmenk (2019)
    Patrick O'Brien (2020)
    Board of Trustees - Property, grounds and building care
  • Don Jensen* (2018)
    Mark Goelzer (2019)
    Curt Nelson (2020)
    Financial Auditing Committee
  • Wes Lienke (2019)
    Jim Sternisha (2018)
    Larry Koester (2020)
Adhoc committees are created to address specific tasks that arise through out the year.  The President or the Council may appoint any members to these commtitees.  Examples include the web site, long-range planning, planned giving, etc.  Annually the elections nomination committee will consist of the "three E's" of the "middle" term member from Evangelism, Education and Elders, in addition to the Pastor and the President.

1 Timothy 2:8

I want men everywhere to lift up holy hands in prayer, without anger or disputing.


1 Timothy 5:17a

The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor.

...yet knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law but through faith in Jesus Christ... ~ Galatians 2:16