Christian Education: A Life-Long Pursuit
    Bible Studies (for all members)
  • Several Bible study opportunities are offered here at Faith.
    • Sunday morning Bible Study - Between services
    • Weekly mid-week Bible Studies - Wednesday mornings & evenings
    • Monthly Women's Bible Study - Saturday mornings
    • Monthly Men's Bible Study - Saturday mornings
    • Personal Bible Information Classes - Scheduled with Pastor as needed.
    Sunday School (grades Preschool thru 8th)
  • Sunday School at Faith is offered to school-age children from Preschool through 8th grade.

    We meet every Sunday morning in the Banquet Hall, from 9:15 to 10:15 (between worship services) during the school year, from Labor Day through Memorial Day.

    We use the Christ Light series of materials published by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

    Confirmation Class (grades 6 thru 8)
  • Confirmation Class is offered to students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, to train them in the basic teachings of the Bible, using Luther's Small Catechism.  After a student completes studying the Catechism, he/she is allowed to be confirmed into the congregation.  Confirmation shows that the student is confirmed in what he knows to be true about the Bible and is ready to be a full communicant member of the congregation, receiving the Lord's Supper in a God-pleasing manner.
    Kids of Faith (grades 1 thru 8)

    Kids of Faith exists to nurture and reach out to the primary-school aged members of our ongregation with the saving Gospel Message of Jesus Christ, through supervised and constructive recreation activities. Parents are welcome and encouraged to be involved, even taking part in activities with their children.
    Youth of Faith (grades 9 thru 12)
  • The Youth of Faith is for high school age students, grades 9 through 12.

    During the school year, the Youth of Faith meets weekly during Growth Hour, (between worship services) for fellowship and bible study.

    During the summer months, the Youth of Faith does not have scheduled meetings, but does get together occasionally for fellowship.

    Every 3 years, the Youth of Faith attends the WELS International Youth Rally.  Below is a photo of the Youth of Faith leaving for the rally.

    Please visit the calendar to check out when Youth of Faith is next meeting. 
    WELS Campus Ministry (college students)
  • WELS Campus Ministry is a student-led group of Wisconsin Synod Lutheran College students who get together for Bible study, fellowship, and fun. All are welcome! University of Wisconsin - River Falls students can link to WELS Campus Ministry on OrgSync since it is a recognized student organization. There you'll find current meeting locations, schedules, and events. Visit us at and search for "WELS Campus Ministry."
    Women of Faith (adult women)
  • Dear Sisters in Christ and fellow members of Women of Faith,

    We wish to extend a warm invitation to all women of Faith Lutheran to attend our monthly meetings and fellowship activities. Our desire is to encourage and support one another in Christian love and fellowship while promoting the growth and spread of God's Word and blessings. We open our meetings with devotion, conduct our business meeting, and conclude with refreshments and a presentation, speaker, or fun activity.

    Last year we supported our church with our service and talents by providing help to members in need and assisting with the support and organization of church activities. We continued to support our home and world missions (especially with our annual Bake Sale) as well as continued our outreach in the community. Some of our local community activities include our annual Birthday Party for Jesus and our Thanksgiving caroling at Wellhaven and The Lutheran Home.

    In the year to come, we hope to remain faithful in the spreading of God's Word and faithful also in supporting and encouraging one another. We look forward to supporting our congregation in fellowship, mid-week services, and providing new opportunities to increase God's kingdom.

    Please join us the third Tuesday of the month (September through May) at 7 pm.
    Choir (all members)
  • The Faith Lutheran Church Choir meets seasonally to prepare music for special services.
    Music (all members)
  • There are many opportunities for all musicians to serve the Lord in Music.

    - Worship Services (Organists & All Musicians)
    - Choir (Director & Singers)
    - Sunday School (Music Director & Piano Accompanist)

    Below is a picture of many of our musicians after a recent recital.

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