Our Mission

As men, women, and children united in faith in Christ Jesus, we believe he commanded us to “go and make disciples.” We therefore will proclaim the Gospel of Christ through our words and actions to the community, campus, and others. We will teach God’s word in its truth and purity to help each other grow and mature in faith preparing us, God’s people, for “works of service.”
A Note from the Pastor
Dear Friend in Christ,

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. If you're here, then you probably have some questions about Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church. "What happens after I come through the front door? What's the church service like? What will I do with my children? What should I wear? Will I be put on the spot?"

With this section we hope to answer some of the questions you might have about our church's Sunday service before you visit. All of us at Faith truly hope to make your visit with us relaxed and enriching.

If any of your questions are not answered below, please don't hesitate to contact us so we can answer your questions. We want to do everything we can to help you, our guest, on your visit.

Above all, it is our greatest hope that you will be blessed on your visit and hear about your Savior Jesus. Thank you again for visiting our website. We look forward to meeting you as a guest of our church family very soon!

In Christ,

Pastor Timothy Rosenow
Vacancy Pastor

Things to Know
    What times are the worship services held?
  • Please refer to our calendar for special services and special service times that may contradict our normal worship pattern described below.

    Sunday Morning Worship:
    9 am 

    Growth Hour ~ Adult Bible Study and Sunday School
    10:15 - 11:15 am (Labor Day through Memorial Day)
    What are the church services like?
  • Every church has its own style of worship. We think you'll enjoy the services at Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church, but as in any church you should expect to take a couple of Sundays to become accustomed to our way of praising God together.

    The bulletin you receive guides you through worship. It lets you know the theme for the Sunday and what order of service we'll be using in the front part of the hymnal. Sometimes the entire order of service is in the bulletin itself. The readings and prayers are also printed in the bulletin for you. You are welcome to bring along your own Bible.

    Our worship services focus on readings from God's Word—the Bible. There we hear God talk to us. Music and singing are important parts of our worship as well as we praise the Lord for the good news that we hear in the Bible.

    Our worship services usually include the following parts in a variety of forms:
    1. The Invocation - We call on the name of our Savior Lord as we praise him with song.
    2. Confession and Absolution - We acknowledge that we have not been or done what God asks. Then we are assured of forgiveness in Jesus.
    3. The Word - We read selections from the Bible itself .
    4. Sermon - Our pastor offers instruction and encouragement in a Bible-based sermon for children and adults alike.
    5. Thanksgiving - We respond with offerings and prayers for the things he has promised to us and for strength to do what he has asked.
    6. Blessing - Before we return home for the week, we hear one last assurance of the Lord’s gracious care.

    Services on the first and third Sunday of the month also offer the Lord's Supper to members of the congregation. Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church (and all congregations of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) practice what is called "Close Communion," please refer to the section on how holy communion is adminstered below. 
    What will I do with my children?
  • Services are a blessing to the whole family and we encourage families to worship together. To aid families, we offer reserved seating for parents with small children, as well as a separate area with a live video feed of the service to retreat to, in the event that a child becomes a distraction. In this area is also a restroom with a changing table. It is important to us that all people, regardless of age, hear God's Word and sing God's praises together since we are all family in Jesus. 
    What should I wear?
  • You might wonder how you are expected to dress at a church you've never visited before.  The Bible presents no dress code, except for simple decency and Christian humility. We reflect that in our attitude at Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church.

    Worship time at Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church is a special time of the week for our members.  This is often reflected in the way they dress. Still dress is a personal matter of worship before God. One person may dress casually and rejoice that our gracious Lord accepts us as we are, while another may dress to reflect the awe and reverence we have for our Savior King.

    On any Sunday at our church you may see running shoes and heels, jeans and suits, open collars and ties. When a person dresses out of love for his or her Lord, the choice of dress, be it casual or more formal, is acceptable to God . . . and us.
    Will I be put on the spot?
  • No.

    You won't be asked to stand up and say something individually.

    You won't be asked to give money. Speaking and giving offerings are things that the pastor and the members do in service to the Lord and others.

    We are happy to have visitors with us and are happy to serve them as our guests. We don't want to make you uncomfortable and put you on the spot.
    How is Holy Communion administered?
  • Holy communion is celebrated on the first and third Sundays of the month all year round. Each time Communion is to be celebrated please attend! We all need to remember our Lord’s death, that he died to pay the debt of our sins. We need to be reminded that this action allows us to stand before God justified. We need the assurance that our sins are forgiven.
    Believers desire to express in public what we believe in private. Holy Communion displays union. It is a special oneness in faith between believers in a very public way. It's crucial that a person be given the opportunity to understand and publicly confess this union of faith before coming to this sacred Supper (1 Corinthians 10:16-17; 11:27-31). That's why Faith practices a membership communion (also known as close communion), and asks that those who partake be members of Faith or belong to a WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) or ELS (Evangelical Lutheran Synod) congregation. Do you desire to be apart of this wonderful union? Inquire of our pastor as to how you might learn more what the Bible says about communion. We'd love for you to share in this sacred union with Christ and fellowship with your fellow believers!

    To register for communion, please fill out a Connection Card located in the pew rack. Our church secretary keeps a record of all the times you take communion to aid the Pastor and Elders in the care of the souls of the congregation.
    To actually take communion, an inviting usher will direct you from the pew. We line up waiting for our table to approach the altar rail. As you approach or leave the altar area, there are handrails for your convenience both on the pulpit and the lectern. If you cannot kneel please stand. If you can’t get up to the rail, Pastor will come to you on the end of any pew.

    Following communion say a prayer that thanks God for his gift of forgiveness and ask for his strength to battle our sinful flesh and reflect his love. 

    At times of special need, Holy Communion will be given in private to those members who are shut-in, ill, conscience stricken, or dying. Please call Pastor and let him know when these occasions arise.

Where is Faith Lutheran located?

Faith Ev. Lutheran Church
545 Apollo Road
River Falls, WI 54022

We are located in the Northwest part of River Falls on Apollo Road, North of Westside Elementary school, between W. Division St. and Cty Hwy MM (Powell Ave).

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Directions to our Church and Preschool

From State Highway 35, Hudson Area:

  1. South on State Highway 35 to Radio Drive exit
  2. Go South through roundabouts onto Radio Road
  3. Turn left (East) on County Highway MM (Powell Ave)
  4. Turn right (South) on Apollo Road
  5. The church will be on your right


From North Main Street at Walgreen's:

  1. West .9 miles on County MM (Powell Ave)
  2. Turn left on Apollo Road and go .3 miles
  3. The church will be on your right


From North Main street at Main & Division Streets:

  1. West .9 miles on County M (W. Division St.)
  2. Turn right on Apollo Road and go .1 miles
  3. The church will be on your left


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