Faith Ev. Lutheran Church's Monthly Newsletter

As men, women, and children united in faith in Christ Jesus, we believe he commanded us to "go and make disciples." We therefore will proclaim the Gospel of Christ through our words and actions to the community, campus, and others.  We will teach God's word in its truth and purity to help each other grow and mature in faith preparing us, God's people, for "works of service."



“How is it that each of us hears them in his own native language?”          Acts 2:8

A Different Language

Learning a foreign language is a long process and hard work. If you have ever tried it, you know. But a long time ago, on the day of Pentecost, a miraculous thing happened. The Holy Spirit’s power came upon the Apostles, giving them the ability to speak fluently and instantly in languages they had never learned. Amazing!

There was another time in the Bible that languages played a prominent role. People plotted to defy God’s plan to have them spread out over the whole earth and populate it. They began to build a great tower as a symbol of their power and as a rallying point to hold them together. But for their own good, the Lord interrupted their efforts, confused their languages, and put an end to their defiance. (See Genesis 11:1-9.)

Contrast that with what happened on Pentecost. This time languages did not play a role in God’s anger over a defiant people, but rather in his merciful love for all. People from at least 15 different countries all heard the wonders of God in their own native languages. Instead of using language to separate these people, God endowed his disciples with a gift that drew the people together.

Pentecost demonstrated that “God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them” (2 Corinthians 5:19). Despite all their differences, these 15 groups of people were very similar—they were all sinners. In languages they could understand, God communicated to them the good news that their sins were paid for by Jesus’ death.

Perhaps we will meet someone today who speaks a different language. If so, our first reaction might be: How different this person is from us. Remembering Pentecost, however, let us think this way: How similar this person is to us—someone who needs Jesus and someone for whom the Lord Jesus lived, died, and rose again.

Lord, thank you for demonstrating your mercy and power on the day of Pentecost. Give me a heart that sees every person’s need to know about your mercy and your power. Amen.

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Church Cleaning

The following teams of families are scheduled to clean during the month of August. If you are unable to clean your week assigned, please let your teammates know and try to switch with another family from another team. Many hands make light work especially when cleaning God's house!


August 7, 2021




August 14, 2021




August 21, 2021




August 28, 2021









The teams scheduled to mow the church and parsonage lawns for August are:

August 2-8, 2021                      Sarnstrom

August 9-15, 2021                    Johnston

August 16-22, 2021                  Stern

August 23-29, 2021                  Rutherford & Pastor

August 30-Sept 5, 2021            Stehr


Lost and Found

Seem to have misplaced that favorite to-go cup? How about a child's purple or pink jacket? Or the umbrella we would all love to use right about now? Look no further than our Lost and Found table by the mailboxes! Please check it out by August 11. Any unclaimed items will be donated after that.


Church Mailboxes

Members ~ Please remember to check your mailbox while at church. For those worshiping online, please stop in during the week when you are in the area. Some mailboxes are piling up. Thank you!


Women of Faith News

Women’s Retreat

A women’s retreat is being planned for October 22-24 at Camp Croix, in Danbury, WI.

Consider attending for Bible study, fellowship, recreation, and relaxation.

Check in 1 pm on Friday and checkout 11 am Sunday.

The Women of Faith is covering the cost of the lodge rental. Cost per person is $40 and will cover food and other expenses.

RSVP by September 15 to Molly.

Next women’s Bible study is Saturday, August 14 at 9:30 am. Plan to attend!

Faith's 50th Anniversary Recap

It was wonderful to gather for Faith's 50th Anniversary on June 27. We worshiped together in an outdoor service. Pastor Kenley Mann's sermon theme was based on Hebrews 13:8, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." We received much needed rain during the service as we remained dry under the tents. The sun came out and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Many pictures were taken, even a group photo in front of church. Our catered meal did not disappoint. Overall, it was a day filled with worship, fellowship, food, reminiscing, and making new memories.

Many thanks to those who worked behind the scenes to make this a memorable occasion!

July Council Highlights

Membership Changes: 

~ None


~ Preschool license will be renewed this year.

~ The first day of Sunday School is September 12.


~ 111 people attended the 50th Anniversary Celebration.

~ The prepackaged elements will continue to be used for communion until they are used up later this summer.

~ The Saturday Special Care Service will be discontinued after July 31, 2021.


~ Fall Festival is being planned for October 30th.

~ Friendship Sunday is coming up in September.


~ The outdoor Banquet Hall Cross has been painted.

~ New flood lights have been installed in the Sanctuary.


~ 3 non-members in Bible Information Class

~ Men's Bible Class moved to July 31 this month but will return to normal in August.

~ Summer Circuit Gathering for pastors and their families in East Farmington on July 25th.


~ Thanks to everyone for the hard work to make the 50th anniversary a successful event.

~ A painting of Jesus was given to the church by the family of Pastor Paul Schmeling.

~ The Building Committee met with the architect to review some preliminary concept drawings.


~ The Council voted to end all Temporary Worship Protocols and Policy Changes that were put into effect due to COVID-19, in order to allow for a full return to normal worship and ministry activities, as we have been encouraged to do by WELS President Mark Schroeder in his Forward in Christ article titled “Making Normal a Reality”. 

Quarter 2 - 2021 Voters Meeting Highlights

Attendance:  18 voting members

Membership Changes:  Board of Elders

Board of Education: 

~ Preschool - 7 Students currently enrolled (0 members, 7 non-members).

~ Sunday School - Looking for a Music Director and Piano Player.

~ Expecting 27 students for the upcoming year.

~ Confirmation Class - 8 students anticipated.

~ Tuition Scholarships for Synod Schools - 5 students.

~ Kids of Faith and Youth of Faith activities continue.

~ Campus Ministry - Will meet at 5:00pm on Tuesday evenings during the school year.

Board of Elders: 

~ 111 people attended Faith’s 50 Anniversary celebration on Sunday, June 27.

~ We will continue to use the prepackaged elements until they are gone.

~ Saturday Special Care Services will be discontinued.  The last one will be July 31.

~ Our congregation will participate in the WELS National Hymnal Week: September 19-26, 2021, to introduce the new Christian Worship Suite to congregations.

~ There are yellow envelopes labeled “Handbell Contribution” on the table under the mailboxes if you would like to contribute.

Board of Evangelism: 

~ Working on dates for outdoor service this summer.

~ Balloon launch was a hit at the 50th anniversary.

~ Preparing for Friendship Sunday in September.

~ The annual Fall festival will resume on 10/30/21.

Board of Trustees: 

~ The Banquet Hall cross was painted.

~ Special cleaning was done before the 50th Anniversary.

~ Flood lights in the sanctuary were replaced.


~ Adult Confirmation has 3 non-members taking the class.

~ Comparison of In-Person Summer Worship Attendance (on online attendance records)

~ 2019 average summer worship attendance (pre-covid) 112

~ 2021 average summer worship attendance 78 (down 30% from pre-covid)

~ While it may be discouraging to see our average attendance is down, we pray the Holy Spirit continues to give us all wisdom as we seek to be patient and understanding with each other.  If you have the change, reach out to someone who hasn’t been in church and have a conversation about church.  God will bless us as we do that.  God is our refuge and strength!

~ Met with Campus Ministry Mission Counselor Dan Lindner on June 8th.

~ Participating in the WELS Cross Train Ministries Program for new Pastors.

~ October 8, 2021 - Pastor’s wedding day.


~ Building Committee - Preliminary Designs were presented by the architect.

~ Thanks to all who helped with the 50th Anniversary celebration.

~ The Schmeling family has donated a painting of Jesus at the 50th Anniversary.


~ Council action was taken to end all Temporary Worship Protocols and Policy Changes that were put into effect due to COVID-19, in order to allow for a full return to normal worship and ministry activities, as we have been encouraged to do by WELS President Mark Schroeder in his Forward in Christ article titled “Making Normal a Reality”.