JULY 2021


Amazed and perplexed, they asked one another, “What does this mean?”          Acts 2:12

The Perplexing Work of the Spirit

The crowd didn’t know what to think.

Picture it this way: You are in this crowd. You are a member of the Jewish faith. You have traveled a great distance to reach Jerusalem, a place where the language is different from your own. You are there to celebrate the annual Jewish festival of Pentecost. Suddenly, in this crowd of people, you hear something that grabs your attention. You hear the voice of a man speaking to you in your own language. What’s confusing is that all the people around you—no matter what language they speak—are experiencing the same thing. At that moment, in that slice of time, you don’t know what to think.

On that day of Pentecost, that was the perplexing work of the Holy Spirit. On that day, the Holy Spirit enabled the disciples of Jesus to speak in languages they had never studied. He did this to proclaim a message that everyone there needed to understand. He did this to proclaim Jesus Christ.

The work of the Holy Spirit is still perplexing.

Go to any place where the good news of Jesus is clearly present. Why do people take the time to come? Why do people go to the trouble? Why do people often plan their calendars around the opportunity to soak up the message of Jesus Christ with others?

It’s all because of the perplexing work of the Holy Spirit.

In the eyes of the world, nothing so plain as the gospel should be so powerful or so life-changing. Nothing so plain as the gospel should have such an impact on so many souls.

But that’s the thing about the message of full forgiveness through faith in Christ. It’s the very tool the Holy Spirit uses to change hearts forever.

However, don’t be perplexed by the perplexing work of the Holy Spirit. Instead, rejoice in it.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, you are a worker of miracles. You use the message of the gospel to bring us to Christ and keep us in Christ. Empower us to marvel in thankfulness for what you do. Amen.

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Altar Guild

The women scheduled to serve on Altar Guild for the month of July are:

Marissa Rogers, Ruth Stern, and Anna White

Church Cleaning

The following teams of families are scheduled to clean during the month of July. If you are unable to clean your week assigned, please let your teammates know and try to switch with another family from another team. Many hands make light work especially when cleaning God's house!

July 3, 2021


C Nelson

J Nelson

July 10, 2021




July 17, 2021




July 24, 2021




July 31, 2021









Men's Bible Study

There has been a schedule change for July's Men's Bible Study. It will be held on the last Saturday of the month, July 31, not the 3rd Saturday (July 17). We will still meet at 9:30 am on July 31. In August, we will resume meeting on the 3rd Saturday, August 21, like usual.


The teams scheduled to mow the church and parsonage lawns for July are:

June 28-July 4, 2021                Peter & Michael Stern

July 5-11, 2021                         John Rutherford & Pastor Spaude

July 12-18, 2021                       Kurt, Wyatt, & Carson Stehr

July 19-25, 2021                       Ross & Reese Collins

July 26-August 1, 2021            Wes Lienke & Curtis Nelson

Vacation Bible School

Thank you to Pastor Spaude, Katie Johnston, Austin Pabst, and Heather Vannatta for volunteering to help with Vacation Bible School. Unfortunately, due to lack of participation, we will be cancelling VBS this year and will try again next year. This decision was made after the June Council meeting which is why the June Council Highlights say we are having VBS this year.

Memorial Service for

Marv Nelson

On January 2, 2021, our dear brother, Marv, went home to his Heavenly Father. His funeral service was postponed at that time due to the pandemic. A memorial service is now being planned for Saturday, July 17. The visitation will be held at church from 10 to 11 am followed by the service at 11 am. A meal will be served afterwards.

Help will be needed cleaning before and after the service as well as kitchen assistance the day of. Please watch for announcements and/or emails in the coming weeks. This is a wonderful way for the congregation to show our love and support to Ruth, to serve our Lord, and to rejoice in Marv's eternal life!

Quarterly Voters' Meeting

Please plan on attending Faith's 2nd quarter voters' meeting on Sunday, July 18, beginning at Noon. All members including women are encouraged to attend to hear from our boards and Council on what has been going on this past quarter and what we should look forward to in the coming quarter.

Preschool Benefit

Mark your calendars or just use the church calendar 😊 for the annual Children of Faith Preschool Benefit being held Sunday, July 18, after 2nd service! This is a great way to show your support.

Women of Faith News

Women of Faith takes a break from formal monthly meetings during the summer, but we are trying to be intentional about meeting together for fellowship and fun. In June, a small group a women met for a Nature walk at Carpenter Nature Center.  After a stretch of hot weather, it turned out to be a beautiful day for a hike. 

Save the Date!

A weekend women’s retreat is being planned for the weekend of October 22-24, 2021, at Camp Croix. We have rented the lodge building and further plans are in the works. More details to come later this summer. Interested in helping with the plans? Just let me know.

Plan to attend our next Women’s Bible Study held on Saturday, July 17.

Hope you are all enjoying the beautiful summer!


Molly Stehr

Handbell Fund

As you know, our church has been blessed with several musicians who play a variety of instruments. What you may not know is we were gifted one set of handbells through a generous anonymous donation last year. So why have we not had them played during a service? Well, unlike a piano, handbells require many accessories such as tables with risers, tablecloths, special music holders, and gloves just to name a few.

To acquire these accessories and additional sets of handbells, a designated fund has been established. To purchase everything, we need to raise $6,300.00 based on this year's calculations.

How can you contribute? There are yellow envelopes labeled "Handbell Contribution" on the table under the mailboxes. Simply place your donation in the envelope and place your envelope in the lock box affixed to the side of the mailboxes.  

Watch for upcoming announcements and newsletter articles as we near our monetary goal and to find out how YOU can learn to be in the up-and-coming handbell choir!

June Council Highlights

Membership Changes: 


~ Evelyn Opal Pauley - May 23, 2021 - (born 4/20/2021)

Youth Confirmation:  May 16, 2021

~ Rose Sayler  

~ Carson Stehr  

~ Julius Woychik

Affirmation of 2020 Youth Confirmation:  May 16, 2021

~ Greyson Delander  

~ Andrew Homan


~ Preschool benefit will be July 18th prior to voters meeting.

~ VBS will be July 24th, led by Terra Thaldorf - Looking for students and volunteers.


~ Children's Bulletins are being printed again.

~ WELS National Hymnal Week will be September 19-25, 2021.

~ Marv Nelson Memorial service will be Saturday July 17th.

~ A fund is being set up to receive donations for new Handbells and accessories.


~ Outdoor services are being considered for this summer at 10:30 services only.

~ Planning to resume the Fall Festival this year after being cancelled last year.


~ The facility was cleaned, nave lights replaced, and Banquet Hall cross repainted before the 50th Anniversary.


~ Several non-members in Bible Information Class.

~ Pastor and Katie Johnston are engaged and will be married on October 8, 2021.


~ David Sternisha has resigned as Financial Secretary.

~ Peter Stern will leave the Board of Ed to fill the Financial Secretary vacancy through the end of the year.

~ Clark Thaldorf will fill the vacancy on the Board of Education through the end of the year.


~ None