I want to start this article off with something that Pastor Welch told me the first week he arrived in River Falls. I was changing an outside light bulb when he asked me how many Lutherans does it take to change a light bulb? I was a little unsure about this as I have not had very many talks with him. He responds by saying Lutherans don't change anything. And we both chuckled.

This was almost nine years ago and I am sure that many of you were just like me thinking about what changes were in our future. As we know over the years we have seen physical changes, but the one thing that has not and will not ever change is God's Word.

The WELS has a call process that assures us that whoever is our called Pastor is not here because of physical reasons. The same is said about when we issue a call to a Pastor to serve us here at Faith. We don't look at his picture or watch a sermon that he has recorded. What we do get is a short list from the WELS that have names of Pastors that are eligible for a call that fit the type of ministry we have at Faith. We will get a very short bio that tells us where they currently are serving usually something about their family. We know that all of the Pastors are trained the same, we also know that we will be "preached and teached" God's Holy Word from anyone of the Pastors on the list. So we trust in the Holy Spirit to move us to issue a call to one of them. This is the same as the Holy Spirit moving a pastor to return, or accept a call.

While we do have a sinful nature that does not want change (oh there is that ugly word) sometimes it is needed and we are not the ones that know when or if it is needed. We do not know God's plan nor will we ever know it. But we do know that when we put our Faith and Trust in God all things will be for our good.

I would like to thank everyone that attended the quarterly voters meeting this past Sunday I am thankful that so many people attended this long meeting. I would also like to thank everyone that helped with the potluck meal after the service and before the voters meeting.

Lords’ Blessing’s

Lee Sarnstrom


Membership Changes: Transfer In - Russell & Bobbi Cragin (Russell Jr., Asher) Cross of Christ in Coon Rapids, MN.

Education: Sunday School and Pre-School are in full swing and going well.

Elders: None.

Evangelism: Annual Harvest Festival & Pumpkin Carving will be Oct 27th from 2:00-4:00.

- this year the events will be combined and held indoors in the Banquet Hall.

Trustees: Property lines are being surveyed and trees are being trimmed.

Pastor: Received a call to serve as Pastor at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Manassas, Virginia

President: Next Building Committee meeting is October 25th at 6:30 pm

Old Business: None



Membership Changes:

Baptism - Madisyn Ann Filkins (born 4/22/2016) - Aug 5

Transfer In - Russell & Bobbi Cragin (Russell Jr., Asher) from Cross of Christ, Coon Rapids, MN, Oct 21

Transfer Out - Deanna Wanzek to St. John Lutheran, Redwood Falls, MN, Aug 14

Release - Stephen & Kathy Metcalf (Thomas, Susanna, Amalia, and Isabella), Sept 11


33 Sunday School Students

14 Preschool Students

10 Confirmation Student

11 WELS School Tuition Scholarship Students


Guest preachers last quarter were Kenley Mann, Richard Durow, Mark Cordes.


Friendship Sunday outreach effort was held September 16th.

WELS C-18 (Christmas 2018) outreach effort including the DVD “To the Ends of the Earth”.


Fire code upgrades were done, property lines were surveyed, and all carpets were cleaned.


Pastor Welch received and accepted a call to Bethlehem Lutheran in Manassas Virginia to begin the first of the year. Pastor will be serving Faith through the end of this year. We sincerely thank Pastor Welch and his family for their many years of diligent, loving service.


Building Committee will meet with architect Mark Paschke of Ayres Associates on Oct 25th.


Joint ministry discussions with Emmanuel in Hudson have been discontinued at this time due to differing visions. Emmanuel will be seeking a full time pastor.


Audit Committee - 3yr term - Jim Sternisha

Board of Education - 3yr term - Jon Creen

Board of Elders - 3yr term - Kane Krueger

Board of Evangelism - 3yr term - Kurt Stehr

Board of Trustees - 3yr term - Don Jensen

Treasurer - 2yr term - Greg Menke

President - 3yr term - Lee Sarnstrom



For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God

1 Corinthians 1:18


The Bloody Fool

Jesus would never make the list of superheroes. He just wouldn't. He doesn't carry himself like a superhero. He doesn't act like a superhero. The cross appeared to be his kryptonite, rendering him powerless. If you look at the man, Jesus, and his story, you'll see that he has quite a dismal end.rstanding among you?" The one who knows and trusts and walks with Jesus.

When human eyes look at Jesus, they may be tempted to see only a failure. His enemies got away with his murder. He appeared to have lost everything at the grave.

Human ears hear things that don't make sense. His enemies tell lies about him, and Jesus doesn't defend himself. The people mock him, and Jesus silently lets them. We hear sounds of defeat and loss, and Jesus seems powerless to stop it.

This is our Savior!?! The one who loses to all his enemies? The one who is mocked and doesn't even offer a response?

He is the one we worship. He is the one in whom we believe.

It's no wonder that people think we are foolish. The One we call on for help and salvation couldn't even help himself. "He couldn't even save himself, how will he save the world," they mock. "He was silent against all his enemies, maybe they were right," they laugh. The One we trust seems like a failure, and we look foolish for trusting him. People think we're crazy for believing in Jesus as we do.

But it's not as foolish as it seems. In the weakness of Jesus, we see the power of Jesus letting people take his life so that we could have our life forever. In the death of Jesus, we see Jesus taking all the punishment that our sins deserved, so that we wouldn't be punished for the things we had done. In the cross, we see the triumph of Jesus over and against all our enemies. There at the cross and in his death, Jesus delivered a death blow to our enemy, the devil.

There in his death, we find our life and resurrection. There in his weakest moments, we find our salvation. To the world, our Savior Jesus seems like a bloody fool. But to us, he is our Savior and our God.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank you for helping me to see you as you really are. You are not weak, you are mighty to save. You are not foolish, you are wise to win me for heaven. Grant me faith to believe you even when the world says I'm crazy and foolish for doing it. Amen.

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