November 25, 2018      Christ the King


Service of Word and Sacrament (also found on page 26 in the front part of the red hymnal).



Hymn 496, Glorious in Majesty



       Lord Jesus Christ, by your victory you have broken the power of the evil one. Fill our hearts with joy and peace as we look with hope to that day when every creature in heaven and earth will acclaim you King of kings and Lord of lords to your unending praise and glory; for you live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

(sung) Amen.



Daniel 7:13,14 (printed on back of worship folder)

Christ our King is and always has been the one center and the entire focus of all history. That was true in Daniel’s time and will still be true at the end of time. Thus in a very real sense there is no other king, never has been, never will be. As he is, so is his kingdom. Oh, how foolish those little men, who strut their moment on history’s stage and imagine that history is about them. Oh, how foolish I am, when I do the same. But to be called be the gospel into his kingdom and under his gracious rule, then to worship and serve him in his kingdom, that’s what life is about! That alone gives life true focus, true purpose, a noble and glorious end.



Psalm 45 (also found on page 83 of the hymnal)



Revelation 1:4b-8 (printed on back of worship folder)

Of all the things that this only King could have chosen to show forth his glory, he picked this one thing: to redeem us by his suffering and death, that we should live with him for all eternity! All by itself that defines the nature of grace. How we long to see him as he is, to worship him perfectly, whose greatest triumph was the cross for us and for our salvation! Some day we shall; for he has promised it, he who is our King, the center of all that can be spoken that is true and good, the ruler of time and eternity.



John 18:33-37 (printed on back of worship folder)

As he was in his humiliation, so are we in his kingdom on earth. Here there is lowliness like his before a petty and very temporary governor. Here there is little outward display of his power, little to see of his kingdom’s beauty. What then is there? There is the bearing witness to the truth! That’s what he did. That’s what we are called to do in following after him. That truth is all of his Word. Anything apart from it or contrary to it is a lie, is of the devil, is an attempt to snatch glory that is worldly and perishing. Only the truth of his Word brings us into his kingdom and keeps us there. Only bearing witness to that truth serves him, who bore witness to it for us and for our salvation.



Hymn 217, The Head that Once Was Crowned



John 13:1,12-17
Serving God Means Serving People



Hymn 310, I Come, O Savior, to Your Table



Hymn 341, Crown Him with Many Crowns