Sunday Worship at 9:30am, Spiritual Growth Minutes at 9:08am

June 4, 2017                                                                     Pentecost

Welcome to all worshipers of Jesus! Come, Holy Spirit! The Spirit is given on the first Christian Pentecost in fulfillment of promise and prophecy.

Order of Service

The Common Service of Word and Sacrament, page 15 in the front part of the hymnal

Opening Hymn

Come, Oh, Come, Life-Giving Spirit, #181

Prayer of the Day

Holy Spirit, God and Lord, come to us this joyful day with your sevenfold gift of grace. Rekindle in our hearts the holy fire of your love that in a true and living faith we may tell abroad the glory of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you and the Father, one God, now and forever. Amen (sung)

First Lesson

Joel 2:28,29

Joel prophesies the outpouring of the Spirit on the day of Pentecost heralding the dawn of the New Testament church. This outpouring will show itself in visions and dreams granted by God, but especially in the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ by young and old, men and women, and all to whom the Spirit is given.

Psalm of the Day

Psalm 51b, page 87 in front of the hymnal

Second Lesson

Acts 2:1-21

In fulfillment of Jesus’ promise and Joel’s prophecy the Holy Spirit comes upon the apostles and disciples in Jerusalem on Pentecost. Boldly and with miraculous gift of language the apostles preach the wonderful works of God in Christ Jesus to the crowd that assembles to hear and see what is happening. Peter, speaking for all the apostles, preaches a bold sermon of repentance and faith in Jesus.

Gospel Lesson

John 16:5-11

On the night of his betrayal the Lord Jesus promises the Holy Spirit to his disciples. The Spirit will come for their consolation and empowerment, and to the judgment of unbelief that rejects the Son.

Hymn of the Day

Come, Holy Ghost, God and Lord, #176


Acts 2:1-21—The Holy Spirit Hasn’t Stopped Working


Soul, Adorn Yourself with Gladness, #311

Closing Hymn

Holy Spirit, Ever Dwelling, #182