April 14, 2017            Good Friday

Service of Seven Words

Opening Hymn

Hymn 140, God Was There on Calvary


Psalm 22

Prayer for Good Friday


First Word


Luke 23:26-34

Hymn Response

Hymn 105 (stanza 1), O Sacred Head, Now Wounded


Second Word

Luke 23:38-43


Hymn Response

Hymn 105 (stanza 2), O Sacred Head, Now Wounded

Third Word

John 19:25-27

Hymn Response

Hymn 105 (stanza 4), O Sacred Head, Now Wounded

Fourth Word

Matthew 27:45-49

Hymn Response

Hymn 105 (stanza 5), O Sacred Head, Now Wounded

Fifth Word

John 19:28,29

Hymn Response

Hymn 105 (stanza 7), O Sacred Head, Now Wounded

Sixth Word

John 19:30

Congregational Response

You are invited to drive a nail into the cross—not to crucify Jesus again. His work of salvation is done! Do it to remember and rejoice that your sins have been put upon Jesus. Leave behind your nail in the cross, and remember that God sees your sin no more. You are forgiven! The empty cross reminds us of Jesus' victory. God accepted His payment for our sin. Jesus will never die again. We will follow him to heaven. What makes Good Friday good is that, the next time we worship, it will be Easter and we will celebrate the resurrection of our Savior that guarantees our resurrection.


Seventh Word

Luke 23:44-46

Choral Response

The choir sings, Wondrous Love (arranged by Richard DeMone).

Bidding Prayer


Closing Hymn


Hymn 718, Rest, O Christ, From All Your Labor



The minister exits the chancel.

The congregation may remain for prayer and meditation before dispersing quietly.