Sunday Worship at 8:00am & 10:30am, Spiritual Growth Hour at 9:15am

May 22, 2016                                     Trinity Sunday-Confirmation

Welcome to all worshipers of Jesus! The mystery of the Trinity serves to comfort all believers in the completeness of their salvation. The Word of God stresses how Father, Son and Holy Ghost work together within the Godhead to bring saving grace to all people.

Order of Service

Service of Word and Sacrament, page 26 in the front part of the hymnal

Opening Hymn

Let Us Ever Walk With Jesus, #452

Prayer of the Day

Almighty God and Father, dwelling in majesty and mystery, filling and renewing all creation by your eternal Spirit, and manifesting your saving grace through our Lord Jesus Christ: in mercy cleanse our hearts and lips that, free from doubt and fear, we may ever worship you, one true immortal God, with your Son and the Holy Spirit, living and reigning, now and forever. Amen (sung)

First Lesson

Numbers 6:22-27

The Lord instructed Moses to put His blessings upon the Israelites in a threefold benediction which we still use today.

Psalm of the Day

Sunday School Sings, Hymn #771 I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light (Congregation please join in the refrain)

Second Lesson

Romans 5:1-5

God the Father justifies us through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This faith is planted in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. The completeness of our salvation worked by the Triune God gives us every reason for hope. We rejoice in that hope.

Choir Sings (in place if the Verse of the Day)

Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us” words on green insert

Gospel Lesson

John 16:12-15

Just before his death, Jesus comforted his disciples with the fact that God the Holy Spirit would lead them into the full truth of salvation and implant Jesus in their hearts to make them right with the Father. This is exactly how the Trinity brings salvation to people today.

Hymn of the Day

If God Himself Be for Me, 419


Numbers 6:22-27See What Only You Can See


By Grace I'm Saved, #384

Closing Hymn

In Christ Alone, #752